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Customer Feedback/reviews:

"Many thanks for the help and prompt delivery of the teething necklace for my bub. Already he is sleeping a lot sounder. I am very impressed with your web page, products and most of all service and will be recommending you to the ladies of my mothers group". Brooke E

"I wanted to let you know that my two year old girl had severe teething symptoms, very hot, temps, grumpy, loads of dribble, off her food, since wearing her necklace she has only had two colds in the whole year she has had no panadol and has been generally been eating much better whilst getting her teeth. I cant thank you enough." Sam Bufton.

"I love my amber bracelet, and the baby necklace has worked wonders on my 10month old grandson Noah - after 4 months of constant dribbling and horrid rash on his chin and neck, it has cleared up almost completely after only  4 days of wearing your necklace!!" Jenni U.

"I received my teething necklace last week and placed it on Chelsea (13 months) who was cutting around 4 teeth! She has been extremely unsettled and clingy. I placed the necklace around her neck during the day and around her ankle under her bonds suit at night. She has slept through now for 4 consecutive nights and cut her two top and two bottom teeth. I didn't need to administer any pain relief whatsoever. I'm generally a skeptic at heart but have honestly say I found this amber necklace to be amazing. I love it and thanks so much everything (especially my non-interrupted sleep - for that I owe you the world!!)" Winner of Bubs About Town competition May '10

"I brought (DS's who would have been about 5-6 months old at the time) from Whiskers on Kittens they have a website an also have a facebook page!

DS was a bad teether when it came in the mail I put it on him straight away an that night was the 1st night since he was born that he slept for longer then 3 hrs. An he wasn't so whingey during the day" Love my Kiddies, QLD