Whiskers on Kittens

a few of our favourite things...

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Our story

A few of our favourite things….. we’re sharing them with you.

Whiskers on Kittens is a collection of items, handpicked by ourselves, or by those close to us. Each of us will have memories of special items or moments in our own childhood that we can now look back upon and smile about. Memories that make us happy, memories that bring back just a touch of childhood freedom and joy.

We hope that the collection here of ‘a few of our favourite things’ can perhaps make their way into the lives if the special little people in your life. That some of the items here will become a part of magical memories created, and that come of our favourite things will become some of your favourite things.

And finally, we hope that your day, is in some way intertwined with the life of a child, because if it is, you are truly blessed. Take just a moment with a child, and you are assured of a warming of the heart.

Enjoy x

Note: Laura began her journey with Whiskers on Kittens in 2010. After interacting with and selling to many wonderful customers, and having her products offered in many stores and pharmacies across Australia, the business took a break in early 2015.

Now, in early 2018, Laura and Andrew are excited to bring Whiskers back to life, along with a few of our 'old favourites', and some new ones too!