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My passion for retail, customer service and quality, has been combined with my love for children and my desire to share some light, happiness, and a few of my favourite things with you.  The result is Whiskers on Kittens.


Please continue to visit, to take in the new products as we fall in love with them, and to share the things that you love with those around you.

For  this moment……….. enjoy.


Priscilla Skinner
Date: Nov 03, 2011

Laura I absolutely love the great communication and the fast replies to messages! I think u do a fantastic job! My eldest daughter (who's 21 months) has never been into necklaces, & after putting the amber necklaces on she has never asked to take it off! :) (she doesn't even realize it's there mo...


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Whiskers on Kittens is proud to be an Australian Business.

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